1. Featured Talk: Matthew Stadler at Publication Studio!

    Written by designweekportlandtest | Oct 10,2012

    Featured Talk: Matthew Stadler at Publication Studio! 

    Matthew Stadler will talk about Publication Studio as a print-on-demand publisher, the future of books, and the creation of a public around these works. After the talk there will be a short demonstration of how they produce a book on-demand. 

    Publication Studio was founded by Matthew Stadler, formerly the literary editor of Nest Magazine and co-founder of Clear Cut Press, and Patricia No. Based in Portland, Ore., the studio also visits other cities to collaborate with like-minded fellow travelers and found “sibling studios” using the same equipment and approach. Currently there are six Publication Studios, in Portland (run by Patricia No, Antonia Pinter, and David Knowles), Berkeley, CA (run by Colter Jacobsen), Vancouver, BC, Canada (run by Keith Higgins and Kathy Slade), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (run by Derek McCormack, Alana Wilcox, and Michael Maranda), Boston (run by Sam Gould), and Portland, Maine (run by Daniel Fuller and the Institute for Contemporary Art). Studios will soon open in Bordeaux, France, and Los Angeles.

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